Warehouse Market

A Merchantís Market is unique type of business.† The Warehouse Market is not a flea market nor is it a traditional retail store.† We are actually many small businesses located under one roof.† Our vendors are your friends, family, and neighbors.† The Warehouse Market vendors range from entrepreneurial teenagers to senior citizens.† We are a family business made up of local citizens.



Each vendor is responsible for maintaining their booths (pricing, arranging, keeping inventory, etc.).† Some vendors specialize in certain items while other vendors stock a variety of items.†


Warehouse Market

The Warehouse Market oversees the sale of vendors merchandise (pay at one location versus many).† We provide several services to vendors.† Our goal is that each vendor is successful.

What is a Merchantís Market?

Special Note

We do not inflate our prices.† When we price our items, we do our best to ensure all prices are competitive and fair.† Thus, all prices are firm.