Warehouse Market

The Warehouse Market has a unique history.  The Warehouse Market is located in one of the oldest buildings in Parsons.  The building itself was originally built as a produce house adjacent to the Tennessee Midland Railroad which ran through Parsons.  The train was known as the Peavine.  The Holcomb Produce Company served local grocery stores in the area for many years.  It was later sold to Eaton-Lamb which continued in the same type of business.  With the advent of larger chain stores and supermarkets who had their own supply line, the need for produce houses across the country diminished.  Tragically, Eaton-Lamb closed its doors in the 1980s.  Riverside Packaging, which produced plastic packaging materials, operated a factory in the building for a number of years.


Dale King bought the building to use as a warehouse/storage facility.  In September 2009, he opened the doors of the building as a flea market.  On November 1, 2010, the current owners, Billy Vestal and Ricky Kuykendall, began operation of the Warehouse Market.  In May 2011, a third partner was added when Michael Vestal purchased the building.


Currently the Warehouse Market has 30 vendors in addition to the owners under approximately 1/2 acre of shopping space.  The market has a large selection of merchandize from the brand new to antique.  New items are added weekly. 

About Us

“The Peavine” train which ran from Memphis to Perryville through Parsons.  The Warehouse Market is located adjacent to the Ghost Railroad.

The Old Country Store is located in the Warehouse Market.  It serves of a museum to what a rural shopping experience would be like before the major chain stores.